Hotel Performance Descriptive Analysis

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Problem Statement

The hotel’s executive would like to know the general status of their business. They are interested in how different types of customers stay at each hotel, how amenities impact line revenue, etc.


Provide insights on current business performance, allow executives to have a better understanding of the customer, and further develop future strategy. Most important, developing an interactive dashboard that allows executives to explore the data.


For this part, I would like to share my findings into two aspects, customer and hotel.

Customer Analysis

  1. Customer clusters have different behavior. For business travel, customers spend a lot on the cafe, and it also takes account of most to profit for amenity sector. The reason behind this might because they meet clients in cafes. For leisure travel, customers tend to spend on the restaurant, it is likely because they travel with family.


Hotel Analysis

  1. Average price per night
The month of check-in vs. avg price per night


1. Merge 1.2M customer transition data using Alteryx

Alteryx workflow

Step1: Identify connections between data sets. Use transaction table as fact table and connect to other dimensional data such as people and hotel data.

Step2: Clean up data, check if any columns are unreasonable or missing, and then use the clean data function to replace null to zero.

Step3: Add calculation for amenity profit column. I want the sum of total amenity profit and the sum of each profitable amenity.

Step4: Join transition table’s people id with people table’s people ID

Step5: Join the hotel table by connecting the hotel id column.

Step6: Select columns I need for the executive dashboard for the management team.

Step7: Output data, and start to explore more business insight using Python and Tableau✨

2. Dashboard Design

For the dashboard design, I divided it into four-part.

Left: an interactive section for filtering date and hotel ID

Right top: Overall metrics

Right middle, customer distribution

Right bottom: Revenue and profit overview

I hope you enjoying it:)



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